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Tile Flooring - Flooring Questions
1.20 Can someone help me with stone pebble flooring?

Q. On a recent episode of Greenovate, a television programme aired on Planet Green - episode title Eric R. The contractors used a stone pebble flooring throughout his home. They used the tool you'd normally use to spread concrete around, to spread this mixture of a epoxy and stone pebbles. It hardened and looked beautiful. I've searched the internet and seem to come up with results geared towards stone TILE flooring. Can someone shed some light into this type of flooring, where I can get more information about it, etc ? I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

A. You may be referring to Epoxy River Rock. A common flooring used in Florida around a pool. Here is a link to get you started

1.20 My extremely cheap kitchen floor, installed in the heat with no AC on, crumbled after two years. Why?

Q. It just disintegrated after breaking along 2 lines. The new floor installers claim it is because i use an inexpensive desk chair on the floor to spare my injured knee. There are no tracks from the casters. They say it is like a woman in spike heels. I don't think I did this. Can anybody suggest any other reasons?

A. What was the floor made of? Ceramic tile would go only if the underlying structure isn't good enough. Peel and stick tile flooring could be pulled up by that desk chair you are rolling over it. The cheaper stuff frays at the edges.

1.20 How much does it cost to have a company install tile flooring?

Q. Porcelain tile, 24 x 24, diagonally, on my down stairs floor here in Las Vegas, NV

A. I ve seen labor go from 3-6$ a s/f .. This varies w/area.. This may or may not include what I call prep materials. Make sure your covered there too. Prep materials generally another form of underlayment such as a cement board. Plus the others, thinset, grouts and crack suppression membranes if needed. I m assuming your of a slab being in Vegas and thus not needing a cement board.. Any questions you can e amil me thru my avatar and check my qualifications there

1.20 Is it difficult to do a kitchen remodeling project yourself?

Q. Once all the old cabinets have been removed, and the kitchen is down to the bare walls, is it difficult to install new cabinets and make everything fit perfectly and be level, plumb, and square? Should I install the tile flooring over the entire floor, even under the new cabinets, before I install the cabinets?

A. The kitchen is a common place many homeowners start their remodeling projects. Here is some "food for thought" to consider. After reading this you should have a better understanding on how you would like to change your kitchen around and be the talk of all the neighbors. Here are some suggestions to consider when you are starting your project: Appliances This is a good place to start. Take a look at the colors. Counter-tops This is a well used surface in the kitchen so you or any remodeler will start here. Depending on the habits of the one who cooks these surfaces may be stained or scratched from a lot of use. Cabinets This should be your third area of attack. When people walk inside of your kitchen this will be the first item they see because it is located at eye level. Worn out or faded cabinets can really make your kitchen look half a century old! Replace these as soon as you can. You will have two options. The cabinets can be refinished (sanded and repainted) or they can be totally replaced. The second is the most expensive, of course, but if you want to drastically change the look of your kitchen then you might want to go with this option. Kitchen Flooring Flooring accentuates all of your other items. It can totally bring your kitchen to life! You basically have four options: laminate, ceramic, hardwood, vinyl, and linoleum flooring. Again, each one has its pros and cons and within those flooring types there is a large swing in quality. For instance some laminate looks just as real as hardwood or stone while cheaper laminate flooring which you can get for $2 a square foot looks nice but at the same time definitely fakish looking.

1.20 Name of a reputable contractor for installing a new kitchen on Long Island?

Q. I'm looking to completely gut and replace my kitchen in my 2000 sq. ft. 1964 colonial in Suffolk County, NY (worth about $500k). The kitchen is 16' x 12'. We want to demo it to the studs, replace the subfloor and wall insulation, add a small wall, run a new gas line from the sidewalk (about 50'), then install a new kitchen including new sheetrock, lighting, ceramic floors, cabinets, appliances, etc. We also need to gut an adjoining 12' x 16' den (new sheetrock, add high hats, replace two doors and continue the tile flooring throughout the den as well as the main foyer floor leading from the front door back to the kitchen. Question is, how long should a project like this take and what kind of budget should we expect for a job like this? Semi-custom cabinets, silestone countertops, GE profile appliances, etc.). Does anyone know of a reputable contractor in the area who could bid on this project? We're thinking of doing this in the Summer of 2008 and will be paying cash. Thanks!

A. Contact NARI (national association of remodeling industry) very reputable people that have to be certified and have anual furthering education hours. They will have a list of certified contractors in your area.

1.20 Did anyone ever use home depot contractor service?

Q. Im thinking of doing a bathroom remodel i thought it would be easy to use my home depot credit card to purchase and pay for contracting services all in one....has anyone used home depot for this???? is it inexpensive? i need tile flooring instal new pedestal sink and painting....

A. Yes, I've used HD.....HUGE MISTAKE!!! Understand that the HD credit card might have their name on it, but it is owned by Citi Bank. Regardless of what happens, Citi Bank wants their money. It took me 15 weeks (without a kitchen) before we finally got a half ass resolution. Google "Complaints about Home Depot" and be prepared for page after page after page. Once they got your money (and they want 100% up front) you can warm the bench until they decide to do something. Any other contractor will want a deposit with the balance due on satisfactory completion. Good luck!!!

1.20 Home remodeling question--adding a wall to enclose a dining room?

Q. I am extending a wall to enclose a dining room to a den. I read on a home improvement website that tile flooring underneath the extension would have to be removed. Does anyone know if only the necessary portion of tile can be removed without having to redo the entire floor? If so, what is the best way to do it? Thanks.

A. Yes, you can remove only the portion of the tile that will be located under the new wall. The simplest way to do this, would be to use a circular saw, with a diamond, or graphite blade (assuming this is ceramic tile). If this is actually vinyl tile, you dont need to remove it at all, just build right over it. You can get blades to cut ceramics, marble, steel, etc at your local building supply store... just tell them what diameter you need, and what you are cutting, and they can help you select the appropriate blade. The reason you remove ceramic tile, when installing a wall, is that securing the wall to the floor, will often crack the tile. By cutting out where the wall is to be installed, you avoid this. Once the tile is cut, then comes the fun part of prying out the portion where the wall will sit, hehehe. Have Fun

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Tile Flooring

 Flooring - Tile Flooring Tile offers a combination of strength, sturdiness, durability and practicality that is unmatched among flooring materials. It's easy to clean with simple soap and water doing the trick, and this makes it perfect for areas like kitchens where there may be food and liquid spills, or hall ways and stairs, where there is a lot of dirt coming into the house from outside. Tile harbors no dust mites, pollen, mold and mildew that can cause allergic reactions in family members. It's easy to install, and this combined with its relatively affordable cost and low maintenance expenses make tile flooring one of the most cost effective flooring options. The range of designs, colors, textures and sizes is mind-boggling, allowing you the freedom to experiment with different combinations of textures and colors for different rooms in the house.

Tile is available in a variety of styles, materials and shapes. One of the most common types is ceramic. Ceramic tile flooring is easy to install, easy to care for and overall, one of the most cost effective options. It needs no polishing or waxing to regain its looks, and its easy to wash abilities means that it's perfect for kitchens, bathrooms etc. Marble tile flooring has turned what was previously the exclusive prerogative of wealthy homes, into commonly used flooring in homes across the country. The availability of marble tiles ensures that you can enjoy the glossy finish and high quality sheen of marble, and experiment with various sizes and shapes of tile. This wasn't possible with marble flooring in the past. Granite tiles are the most durable of all flooring materials. These tiles are perfect for high traffic floors, where there is need for plenty of cleaning, like kitchens etc.

Tiles have made it easy to install high quality flooring without being restricted to uniformity in colors and textures. Flooring materials like marble which were earlier restricted to wealthy homes can now be installed as marble tiles, giving you an endless choice of size and shape combinations to choose from. Whatever the tile flooring you choose for your the Santa Monica, CA area home, get it installed only by a professional flooring contractor. We help residents of Santa Monica gets connected to prescreened flooring contractors. Just fill out the form, and you will receive up to 4 free quotes from the most reputed flooring companies in Santa Monica.

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I have a manufacturing and retail spaces that I would like to have vinyl flooring installed. Three rooms totalling 1,257 square feet (840, 160 and 187). We manufacture chocolate confections. The current floor is bare concrete, recently scraped and cleaned. Although we have machinery and working tables, everything can be easily moved around for the installation.

Mike C

We don't really know what we want to do, but we want consistent flooring throughout the main level of our home. We'd love to look at some options and see what we can do. Thank you

Sanja V


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